Discover a scientifically proven, enduring and rapid way to develop a powerful, positively primed mind!

Harness the benefits in resilience, innovation, profits and wellness. Improve creativity and productivity.

The Synergistic Effect of MindPT

1 + 1 + 1 = 10x 

Positive Psychology + Neuroscience + Change Management = Effortless & Inevitable Success

Workplace Learning:


The “How To” Positively Prime For Accelerated Success:

In our MindPT solutions for learning and development (Executive Briefings & Mentoring, Masterclasses, Workplace Workshops and Keynote Speeches) we begin with a take away of the 10 “Must-Dos” and 10 “Never-Dos” to achieve the benefits of a Positively Primed Mind. We develop your skills and help the people you coach, lead, work with and care about to be the best they can be.

The overwhelming body of positive psychology and neuro-scientific research tells us that not only can our brains change, but that we can reprogram our brains as well - to become:
more engaged, positive, resilient, flexible and creative

These simple yet powerful traits then allow us to be:
more innovative, solutions-focused, and resourceful
which, in this era of swift, wide-ranging and all-embracing change, is vital to survive and thrive and deliver sustainable growth.

Profound advances do occur more easily and rapidly with new, proven strategies and simple technology.

Passionate & Inspiring Leadership

Kim Serafini – your positively primed mind trainer: 

Kim Serafini_011Kim Serafini is a catalyst, assisting people in organisations to deliver both necessary and measureable improvements in business results as well as emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. A commitment to her clients becoming smarter, happier, healthier, more resourceful and more likely to rise to challenging occasions is what sets her apart. The results of her insightful and motivational keynotes or workshops, ignite teams to raise their level of performance, develop a culture that cultivates strong leaders, and shifts people’s mindsets from being victims of circumstance, to masters of change.

Learn how to combine and apply the best research findings from the science of happiness, emotional intelligence, positive leadership, change and corporate communications. Discover the most efficient and effective ways to purposefully apply the knowledge and make it work in any role and professional environment. Capitalise on research-based, proven strategies and tools.

Avoid the common perils and disruptive courses of action inadvertently implemented whilst embedding other change management programs.

Leading Expert 
- Kim Serafini is a leading advisor on the practical applications of neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology at work. A recognised thought leader in her field, Kim is the mindset expert in various conferences and seminars.

Empowering Speaker  - Kim Serafini turns science into simple and practical tools anyone can use, inspiring individuals, organisations and teams to be the best they can be. She has mastered the art of transferring energy to empower people.
Global Consultant  - Top organisations work with Kim to cultivate positive workplaces, emotionally intelligent leaders and high performing teams. Her programs are uniquely customised to fit the company, industry and market trends. This ensures an immediate impact to the audience and a high reutrn on investment for her clients.

Master Trainer  - Kim trains coaches, consultants, HR professionals and business leaders in emotional intelligence, positive psychology and neuroscience tools.

The Synergistic Effect of MindPT

Through this program of learning, we cover MindPT as an affordable and practical vehicle for the journey to optimizing full potential, performance at the highest levels, productivity that produces profits and a higher level of fun, fulfillment and freedom; ultimately training your mind so that you’re positively primed.

Workshops Cover:

  • Succeeding in turbulent times
  • Cultivate the willpower and hidden asset that yields tremendous results
  • Discover the skills necessary to discover and tap into the power of the newly-understand positive psychology principles
  • Learn about the brain and how to cultivate a positively primed mind
  • Understand the barriers preventing meaningful and enduring change
  • Get clear on the advanced, research-based instruments of change that facilitate rapid, positive transformation
  • Participate in activities that enliven the 10 Must-Dos & 10 Never-Dos
  • Learn techniques to foster open communication & build positive relationships
  • Help your colleagues develop an optimistic, resilient outlook that will increase their happiness and wellbeing
  • Acquire the tools for transformational thinking
  • Explore how to cultivate character strengths and promote a growth mindset in yourself and your fellow team members at work
  • Enhance leadership, productivity and engagement.
  • Acquire new competencies that drive creativity, innovation, resourcefulness, solutions-focused habits, improved performance
  • Gain the happiness advantage
  • Attain the validated blueprint for rebuilding trust
  • Foster a culture of appreciation
  • Effectively deal with workplace stress & dissatisfaction
  • Reduce presenteeism & absenteeism
  • Ignite purpose, passion and power in your business

MindPT Learning & Development Solutions

 Concepts Covered:


  • Dr. Barbara Fredrickson’s Broaden & Build Theory
  • The Significance Driver & Cognitive Dissonance
  • The Psychology of Gratitude
  • Mirror Neurons and Emotional Contagion
  • How Old Dogs Learn New Tricks and Neuroplasticity
  • Reticular Activating System
  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecies (the Pygmalion, Galatea & Placebo Effects)

Traditional Attempts to Change Fail

  • 70% of personal change
  • Time & effort intensive efforts breakdown
  • Motivation evaporates
  • An easier, more natural way is needed.


MindPT addresses the struggle to change, harnessing the science behind the 4 Powerful Drivers To Maintain The Status Quo

  • Internal Driver
  • External Driver
  • Anatomical Driver
  • Significance Driver

4 Powerful Drivers

Our primal instinct is for SAFETY

We are hard-wired for safety. This instinct is based in the fear center of the brain called the Amygdala. We find safety in the “familiar”, we always want to avoid PAIN. We are continually scanning for what feels “normal” Our past and present “memories” are familiar and feel safer than the unknown and uncertain future.

Our ENVIRONMENT drives us…

We automatically watch, mimic, reflect, reinforce and integrate what we see around us. This is a survival mechanism.

The Prefrontal Cortex

25yrs old with age we judge & edit Habitual ways of thinking began when we were young = We had NO “filter” or ability to think critically or creatively.

Insatiable need to be right… fuels “worthiness & importance”

Being “right” fires of dopamine in the brain – one of the feel good neurochemicals. Changing – would “admit” that I’m wrong (slightly)… so I resist it to maintain my IDENTITY. This keeps us from exploring other ways as viable options.


MindPT is your answer for when you absolutely MUST achieve the desired transformation.

MindPT has been researched and scientifically validated for its long-term effect.

It powerfully facilitates and accelerates the changes we want and need.

Our habits, lifestyles and results transform in a way that feels automatic.

MindPT overcomes our natural resistance to change, making it fast, simple and graceful to develop in our challenge areas and support our greatest goals.


Internal Driver
The benefits of change have to outweigh the benefits of staying the same. We need to create new experiences that become our ‘new normal’.

External Driver
Create a new environment that reflects the result we are trying to create – CHOOSE the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Anatomical Driver
Bypass the “editor”, the conscious critical mind, that can take us out of the game of change.

Significance Driver
Change our ‘I Ams’. Prove yourself right in a completely different way.


MindPT is where technology meets neuroscience, positive psychology and change management.
It is an innovative way of integrating empowering and positive thoughts and ideas into your mind, creating positive habits that create astonishing results.

Game Changer #1: Not just any images
Game Changer #2: Not just any words
Game Changer #3: Not just any music
Game Changer #4: 1000 frames reshuffled
each time
Game Changer #5: Increase the Speed –
1 through 10


MindPT uses a precise blend of high quality, clinically studied techniques. Each element is proven to safely and quickly improve emotional and physical wellbeing, and leads to peak performance and greater happiness
Broaden & Build Theory
Dr Barbara's Broaden & Build Theory states that happiness encourages a broader range of behaviors including creativity, innovation, change and bold decision-making.
Reticular Activating System
The RAS is an automatic mechanism that alerts you to information relevant to you. It is influenced by your belief system (believing is seeing). You can program the RAS to seek and amplify information that helps you achieve any goal.
Mirror Neuron
Brain cells that fire not only when you perform an action, but when you observe another person performing an action.
Pygmalion Effect
A type of self-fulfilling prophecy based on the expectations placed on people and the individual's unconscious response to those expectations.
Galatea Effect
A type of self-fulfilling prophecy based on inner belief of self-worth, abilities and potential.
Placebo Effect
A type of self-fulfilling prophecy based on the expectation of an outcome creating the outcome.
Preconscious Processing
Our brains instantly analyze a few key features of any situation before we are consciously aware of them, to enable instant reaction.
Emotional Contagion
Emotional contagion is the unconscious mimicry and emobodiment of the emotions of other people.
Positive Empowering Statements
The power of “I am” and other positive statements, help activates positive self-fulfilling prophecies
Active Meditation
A type of self-fulfilling prophecy based on the expectation of an outcome creating the outcome.
What we focus on expands as we unconsciously take action to validate what we perceive. Gratitude instantly upgrades our perception and therefore our actions.
Mental Rehearsal
Mental rehearsal is creatively visualizing the future and “pre-learning” the behaviors necessary to bring that future to life.
Placebo Effect
A type of self-fulfilling prophecy based on the expectation of an outcome creating the outcome.
Being personally engaged in the presentation through self-images and self-written personal power statements helps imprint positive ideas faster.
A key element to positive personal change is fun, in order to encourage daily and consistent use until results are evident.
Relaxation to the Stress Response
Releasing stress is key to promoting behaviors that lead to better results.
Positive images and statements stimulate the release of peptides, which activate the opiate receptors in the brain. The effect last for hours afterward, and lead to increased baseline happiness
Neuroplasticity or brain plasticity, is the brain's ability to form neural pathways and synapses in response to new information.





We are so proud of our precious relationship with Shawn Achor and Michelle Gielan. It is a wonderful connection taaaaaadasdahat we are deeply grateful for.

We intend to roll-out MindPT as an instrument that facilitates accelerated learning in these organisations… and in the process give additional support to Shawn Achor’s efforts in having the “Science of Happiness” come to life & produce the stated benefits within large groups of people.

MindPT is the instrument included within Shawn Achor’s OCourse. It provides reinforcement and repetition of the main messages and is designed to deliver his New York Times’ Best-Selling book: The Happiness Advantage” in a way that repeats the important lessons, stimulates actions and embeds behaviour change. 



Not for public release:

Initial Research on MindPT by the Institute for Applied Positive Research led by Shawn Achor and Michelle Gielan

Based upon our initial research MindPT has the potential to quickly and effectively positively prime an individual user to create a positive mindset that results in potential improvements to health outcomes, educational outcomes, mood, energy, stress response and business outcomes. In partnership with the Institute for Applied Positive Research founded by Michelle Gielan and Shawn Achor, we have begun testing the impact of a single MindPT session upon an end user. Our first study was to determine if a single session could have an impact upon mood both immediately and hours later. We were unsurprised, based on previous research, to see that a positive prime of 1.5 seconds per image for 3 minutes resulted in higher positive mood immediately, but we were impressed that there was a statistically significant improvement of mood 6-8 hours after initial exposure (11% increased likelihood of reporting a positive day compared to the negative and neutral sessions).
We then tested explicit (consciously aware) and implicit (similar to unconscious) memory. In short, we found that between 27-48% of the content was consciously remembered and that the content was retained even an hour later. This is good for any thought leaders who wanted an effective and efficient vehicle for delivering their content. But more exciting from a research perspective, a single 3 minute MindPT session positively impacted the unconscious thinking patterns of the user. For example, if the user an hour later was provided PRO_______ and then asked to fill in the word, a MindPT user was significantly more likely to finish the stem with a positive word like “protect” instead of “problem” (negative) or “program” neutral. This links to an entire body of research showing that when the mind is positive, a whole host of positive impacts can occur.
Our next steps are to 1) determine how multiple sessions for a subscribed user affects their outcomes, 2) expand beyond memory and mood to stress, energy, productivity, sales, customer service at call centers, likelihood of following up with a doctor or therapist, stress before a medical exam, performance on a standardized test, recidivism rates, etc. the list goes on and on, but we are starting with how MindPT impacts decision making (discounting) which has broad implications for financial planning and career advancement, and 3) how personalizing the MindPT experience impacts the outcomes.



What The Experts Say About MindPT

Shawn Achor

Kim Serafini

Helice Bridges

Sue Langley

Dr. Marcy Cole

Robert MacPhee



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