Take a nice deep breath.. In & Out! It's time for you to feel at peace!

Blissing Out in Australia is where you should be.
It's a playful, positive, profound and thought-provoking experience, together with pampering set in paradise with KIM SERAFINI!









Serafini Mind Spa Gallery

 An exquisite experience with Kim at “Nautilus”
For only $2,997


** Please note, we are hoping to help you organise the possibilities and potentials... so we do have a payment plan of smaller amounts in instalments. Naturally, this means that the addition of each component will add up to more than the Regular Price. However, for some of our special guests this is necessary to help manage our expenditure and plans. An interview is required for approval. A Deposit must be paid before an arrangement is created. 
Please contact us privately at mpthelp@gmail.com





Deposit for MindPT Retreat in Australia
Deposit is Non Refundable but Transferable


Genine Hill Sidney, Australia

Why did I want to spend a week with Kim Serafini? I wanted to be in her presence and learn who and how she was BEING to create such a wonderful life for herself. I wanted to move horward and create a more ENRICHING life for my beautiful son, my family, friends, clients and ultimately for myself. Deep in my heart I just KNEW my retreat was what I needed to move forward in my world at this time.

Rita Stewart Australia

Kim is an extremely passionate woman who gives 100 plus percent of herself in order to assist her clients to look within and find their special gifts. With gentle sensitivity she moves us to address any issues needing to be worked on for our greatest and highest good. I believe Kim has a knack for bringing issues to the surface in order to confront and bring about true and lasting transformation.

Nichole Dreyer Health Coach

My villa was very luxurious with my own private pool that I took full advantage of after my long flight. During the course of my stay, Kim ignited within me a new purpose for my life and encouraged me to discover new possibilities I had never before considered. My life as I've known it has changed for the better; I have Kim to thank for it and I am excited about my future!

Maryanne Milazzo Energised Interiors

For the duration of my stay with Kim as part of her retreat, I felt like a Balinese Princess. I will be forever grateful to the effervescent Kim for setting me free on my new path of combining my years of design creativity with a greater sense of purpose. My passion has been renewed with stronger vigor and belief in myself so that now I can fly -free from the pain that was holding me back.

Kim Given Florida, USA

I wholeheartedly recommend that you attend one of these retreats. I feel it was life changing for me, not in an explosive on-the-spot way, but in a more moderate and subtle way. I’m not in as much of a rush to achieve and I am more content knowing that the Universe is providing me with exactly what is right and good for me, with lots more to come – all in good time.

The perfect space to align yourself with your true nature...

Allow yourself time in these magical gardens for grace & gratitude!

Mind Power Technology

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