Day 1

Kim Serafini

Success Is Inevitable

Dr. Marcy Cole

Everyday Alchemy

Donna Hunnicutt

Flow Through Life More Easily With Feng Shui!

Amy Blankson

Shape The Future Of Your Happiness

Laura Gisborne

Limitless Women

Shemane Nugent

Rock Your Happy

Eva Gregory

Living A Prosperous Life

Dr. Robi Ludwig

Your Best Age Is Now



Day 2

Marisa Peer

I Am Enough

Liz Fletcher Brown

Full Wattage Living: Ignite Your Brilliance

With Arnaud Saint-Paul and Roxana Jones

Abundant Life by HealThruWords

Rikka Zimmerman

Returning To Divine Happiness & Prosperity

Lion Goodman

Empower Your Beliefs!

Lars Gustaffson

BodyMind Performance Session

Tammy Mastroberte

Living At A More Elevated Level



Day 3

Adoley Odunton

Clear Your Space, Declutter Your Life

Rev. Patricia Cagganello

I AM Presence

Dina Proctor

Rewire Your Mind To Heal & Transform Your Body

Dana Wilde

Train Your Brain for Abundance

Prof. Stephen G. Post

It's Good To Be Good

Danielle McKinnon

The Insider's Guide To Living Brilliantly

Cindy Mazzaferro

Powerful Beyond Measure



Day 4

Judy Goss

Being Authentically Awesome

Maureen Garry

Crystal Clear Cognition

Maria Whalen

How to Achieve True Health Freedom

Kelley Kosow

Shadow Work

Dr. Burry Foss

Your Human Design

Coach Greg Jackson

Cultivating And Operating from A Champion Mindset

Melita Vlatko-Rulo

Personal Transformation & Empowerment



Day 5

Terri Britt

Raise Your Worthiness Quotient

Kristine Carlson

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff - Live The BIG Stuff

Pattie Craumer

The Mosaic Effect

Karin Volo

Engagement and Living in JOY!

George Brescia

Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life

Ike Allen & Ande Anderson

The Truth About Prosperity

Christine Kloser

Let Your Voice Be Heard



Day 6

Kym Jackson

Improving Performance

Rev. Karen Russo

The Money Keys

Cynthia James

I Choose Me -The Art of Being A Phenomenally Successful Woman

Samantha Bennett

Start Right Where You Are

Laura Scott

Pause for Self Mastery and Resiliency

Calvin Wayman

Seize Your Success

Stacey Michelle

At The Table - Soul Conversations



Day 7

Rena Greenberg

Easy Willpower Weight Loss

Michael Sepate

Sleep Ezzz

Donna Harmony-Jones

Caring For The Caregiver: Caring For Self

Michelle DeBerge

Overcoming Your Inner Critic

Dr. Diane Shelton

Transcending Trauma

Sharon Bruckman

Natural Awakenings

Dr. Sangeeta Sahi

Charismatic Connections for Thriving



Day 8

Valerie & Michael Lipstein

Accessing Your Genius in Relationships

Dr. Jeanine Staples

Love Supremely So You Can Live Supremely

Daniel Gutierrez

Being Mindful

Orna & Matthew Walters

Why Love is Easy for Some and Difficult for Others

Robin Nielsen

Secrets to Hormone Balance

Sherry Gaba

Conscious Recovery

Dr. Faith Leuschen

Clarity and Mindset



Day 9

Debra Poneman

Yes to Success

Sylvia Henderson

From Ideas to Impact, Income...and Legacy

Ray & Jessica Higdon

Become A Top Earner In Network Marketing

Shivany Gonell

Find And Live Your Soul's Calling

Robert MacPhee

Excellent Decisions

Dr Lori Barr

Being Our Best Requires Stress; Are You Equipped to Handle It?



Day 10

Elizabeth Bradley

A Journey Through Grief

Gino Collura

Grit & Fortitude

Ian Houghton

Increase Profits In Your Business

Marilena Minucci

Soul-Centered Self-Care™

Mike Robbins

Nothing Changes Until You Do

Christine Payne

Navigating The Journey Within

John Burgos

Calibrating For "Soul" Success

Kelly McNelis

Live Your Messy Brilliance



Day 11

David Avocado Wolfe

My Best Life Ever!

Dr. Joe Vitale

The Greatest Law Of Attraction

Allan Pease

The Answer