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A ground-breaking technology based on Neuroscience & proven Positive Psychology to use in your professional work as a positive priming tool for SUCCESS…
To facilitate accelerated learning & create POWERFUL shifts in the way people think, instilling new positive and supportive beliefs to positively transform lives and leverage your business for greater success!

MindPT Practitioner’s Course includes:

  • The 17 MindPT Elements & Benefits PDF
  • ‘Priming the Mind’ E-Book
  • ‘Getting the Most out of MindPT’ E-Book
  • 20 + Mini Class Video Modules
  • 30 + MindPT Practitioner’s Course Training Modules, consisting of :-
  • MindPT – What, Why & How
  • Neuroscience Fundamentals
  • Psychology Fundamentals
  • Practical Applications
  • Building your Business
  • Continuing Education & Support
  • Inspirational TedX talks by Martin Seligman, Amy Cuddy, Dr. Alia Crum, Barbara Fredrickson, Angela Duckworth
  • 50% off a Human Design Consultation by Dr. Burry Foss, Human Design Expert valued at $195
  • Become a MindPT Affiliate
  • Option to Upgrade to a MindPT Advocate
  • Become a member of the MindPT Facebook Community

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You can facilitate that change by incorporating MindPT with your clients with the services you offer to leverage your business and get even better results for your clients and faster.


A_lovedlifeMindPT is a revolutionary new way of integrating new beliefs into your mind and cultivating the mindset and habits of happiness and success.

Traditional personal growth programs often fail to produce the desired results because they require time, effort and discipline. MindPT is the new wave in personal change:

♦ The technology makes it effortless, engaging and fun
♦ Based on the latest in neuroscience research and proven positive psychology principles
♦ FUN and engaging “bite-sized” lessons
♦ Convenient mobile app
♦ Fast and enduring results

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