Kim Serafini’s Live “Be An Angel” Course

During this 4-week online program (and 2 bonus classes) I will gently guide you through the EXACT same “treatments”, systems, processes, meditations I have used to go from being lonely, single, broke and addicted to smoking (VERY unhealthy)  to creating more than $1,000,000 in a year and living in my dream home with my ideal romantic partner, soulmate and best friend - healthier than EVER before and feeling peaceful and POWERFUL. Trust me - it worked for me, and it has ALSO worked for my personal clients, and it can work for YOU TOO!



→ Receive this gift
→ Let abundance in!
→ Allow FLOW

This online “mind spa” virtual retreat program is for you IF you want to know:

  • Who you are and what are you here for
  • What's your life's purpose?
  • When will you be happy? How can you be happier?
  • How can you achieve all you desire with speed, joy, ease and grace?
  • Why is satisfaction, meaning, fulfillment and reward so important?
  • How to be in HIGH VIBRATION and how to stay there

This is an amazing program even if you don’t believe in Angels… and even if you actually like being “devilish in nature TOO”… or you don’t yet LOVE YOURSELF…

This will be a personal journey that will help you get UNSTUCK.

Join us if you want to be reminded of your angelic nature and what to feel nurtured

Interactive: A Grand Act of Self-Love

Our goal is radical, loving, positive transformation - in every cell in our bodies. Glorious change that’s rapid, enduring, and rewarding. Once we RISE to a new level we can NEVER “go back”… We cannot UNKNOW our brilliance and beauty… and this brings out the best in all of us. 
Even though Kim will be facilitating, she will also be playing alongside -  “active” in participation amongst everyone… the Observer as well as the Observed!
Kim ALWAYS over-delivers and makes sure to give you practical tools and activation you can use to change your life immediately. 
The permanent shifts will feel sooooooo fabulous to us all and support us all in a new way… 
We will be fizzing, buzzing… emanating effervescence from within.. and bubbling over that pure, illuminating energy for ALL who come in contact with us! Allowing ourselves to attract other-worldly advantages is normal for everyone participating in these classes. 
We are so excited for these special moments we will spend together! We will set the scene so that we relax & have FUN together in a playful vortex! 
We have been inundated with requests to “expand” the numbers of people that Kim serves…
so let’s create a new community that Kim serves in weekly classes for a group…
Here is THE CHANCE. 
Register & get yourself set up. 


I want this program!
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I want to make 3 easy monthly
payments of $47 each

This is US and our HOME where our hearts are open

Virtual Online Classes
It is Kim Serafini's privilege to host a series of classes where we will be able to express MORE gratitude than EVER before to being a special member of an exquisite group of loving souls...
Group Meditation
Throughout the month, EVERY DAY, we will connect via our private FaceBook group for a transference of LOVE and a profound meditation designed to AMPLIFY the positive results you are creating.
Useful Resources
You will receive a collection of unique training & development resources, both easy to print and also to watch & listen to that are available everyone involved be Being Angels... The value of these useful pieces is well over $500 alone.

What's Included In Our Program

Class Priorities

  • Celebrating Life & taking some valuable time for honouring and respecting ourselves
  • Committing to be of superior service to each other
  • Letting go of what's uncomfortable in our lives, relationships, work and bodies
  • Stepping out of debt... not only financial, but also relational and physical
  • Repairing areas of ours lives that are broken 
  • Unlocking hidden codes to synchronicity and serendipity 
  • Generating new sources of revenues - inflows - in all aspects, and of all varieties 
  • Growth and spiritual evolution
  • Creating different, empowering patterns
  • Stimulating the potential of the mind/body connection for harmony & health
  • Becoming more influential in our circles of importance
  • Stepping into our power
  • Claiming the intense understanding of the riches that are ours
  • Unleashing our capacities
  • Reminding ourselves of our precious gems - those resources, talents, skills and gifts that can be fully, unconditionally offered to the world for the world's benefit
  • Speeding up the glorious experience of our new life
  • Harnessing the Incubation Effect (read more at the bottom of this page)
  • Satisfying your heart & soul's craving for more PEACE
  • Allowing all sorts of coincidences to work FOR US… instead of us having to work harder
  • Transforming:
    - a clearing & cleansing energy treatment PLUS
    - a healing & accelerating treatment, PLUS
    - a treatment to ignite Infinite Possibilities.


My genuine, personal promise

I will bring my Angelic self - connected to ALL "other-than-earth" angels to each interaction and even in the "downloading and developing" the NEW materials / resources that we share... so that I give MY best to you... and I promise to "call forth" YOUR best and others' BEST... for our collective benefit.

Ultimately you find this SIMPLE... and enjoyable! I dare say, you will ARRIVE EARLY to each class - eagerly anticipating the stories of those in our outstanding group!

We expect that your response at the end of the program will be phenomenal and you will treasure the "replays" so that you can re-do and "review"!

What if, right now, you could make a single, powerful choice to transform your life into a dream come true? You can!

It's time to EMBRACE this and each other!

Group Meditation

We will also become masters of states, through a series of "mindfulness exercises" that positively primes us forever:

  • confidence
  • faith
  • adventure
  • grace
  • gratitude
  • resourcefulness
  • proactive

and many, many more...

HAND-IN-HAND / Complimentary

If you are participating in another course right now this "energy work" WILL help to amplify & accelerate the results you are seeking!  Adding this "sacred opportunity to spend a little time together will enrich us all.

If you already KNOW that you ARE an Earth Angel... Angelic in nature NOW and you want some "accountability buddies" to help you HOLD that "vibration for yourself" - we are all HERE for each other now.

Even if we have tried everything under the sun to change our situation or deal with our dramas, and nothing has worked or is working, sometimes the COLLECTIVE energy of the PRECISE group of souls gathering HERE & NOW - will be part of the secret to transformation...

This program is going to be AWE-INSPIRING... AWE-some...


We are going to enjoy the company of exceptional energy healers who will "anchor" MORE energy during our weekly classes... and Kim's special "beingness" will commune with her trusted practitioners to give us EXTRA... So there will be MORE hands holding our hands... answering questions from ethereal sources and loving us, supporting us and helping us to spread our wings!


This program would ordinarily be at least $300-$500 in a mentoring structure.
However, through group dynamics and with the facilitating possible with souls all over the world we can share for:

Regular: USD$497
ONLY $127!


Time Left For This Offer:


Connecting with LOVE in this gathering is our priority.

Find the time, to take a pause, that refuels you…

Imagine coming to one of these virtual classes online as if you were dropping into a health & beauty spa for a glorious massage treatment...

We will hold the space together!

I promise we will help you to have your BRILLIANCE shine more brightly than EVER BEFORE.

Classes Start On:

Preview - Monday, 1st of May, 5:30pm Pacific or 8:30pm Eastern Time /  2nd of May 10:30am Australia

First Official Class - Monday, May 8, 2017 5:30pm Pacific or 8:30pm Eastern Time /  9th of May 10:30am Australia

2nd Official Class - Monday, May 15, 2017  5:30pm Pacific or 8:30pm Eastern Time /  16th of May 10:30am Australia

3rd Official Class - Monday, May 22, 2017  5:30pm Pacific or 8:30pm Eastern Time /  23rd of May 10:30am Australia

4th Official Class - Monday, May 29, 2017  5:30pm Pacific or 8:30pm Eastern Time /  30th of May 10:30am Australia

5th BONUS CLASS - CELEBRATION - rewards & recognition vitual, online gala - June Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere… Wednesday 21st of June @ 5:30pm Pacific or 8:30pm Eastern Time

Be a Peacemaker along with us… and know that when you are - or we are - positively primed we ARE all more peaceful…  “at peace” with ourselves and others… It shows that we really like & respect ourselves and others… and from that place we are usually the ones who spread peace… AND, what’s more we enjoy peace of mind as we go to bed & sleep soundly - knowing that we LOVED life as much as we could today…

IF you are VIP Guest you have the opportunity to secure one of the rare, one-on-one appointments for coaching/guidance/treatment/mentoring/consulting that Kim opens up for… At ONLY $100 per consultation which saves you US$250 OFF a single, powerful, positive & profound private LIVE session via the telephone or online or in person with Kim each month, if you are a participant in this program you can organise a deep-dive into an area where you’d like to experience a breakthrough!


Please note: Sessions are 45mins and start at the top of the hour. They are based the Australian - Brisbane timezone during working hours.
There is a limit to the appointments that can be made and it’s “available - whilst appointments last”.
There is no cancellation or rescheduling allowed, except for extreme circumstances and it is facilitated via Mayumi (please contact:

What The Experts Say

Read what Kim’s friends say about one of her creations and think about how she can guide you to share YOUR creation with the WORLD so that it too is received with such grace!

I lOVE MindPT - and app that brings positive psychology, technology and the science of the brain together!

Rev. Karen Russo
The Money Keys

One of the most powerful ways to teach people and train people how to think differently.

Dina Proctor

Founder of 3x3 Meditation

MindPT is AWESOME! Easy to use, phenomenal results - all wrapped together with cutting-edge neuroscience."

Orna Walters

Founder Of Creating Love On Purpose®

What’s amazing about MindPT is that it gives users the opportunity to be primed by positive images.

Shawn Achor
CEO GoodThink Inc.

MindPT is such a unique and powerful tool for reprogramming your subconscious mind for happiness, love, health, and success.

Matthew Walters

Founder Of Creating Love On Purpose®

A remarkably fun and easy tool that will dramatically accelerate your clients’ results.

Kris Carlson
Author, Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

be an angel official logo

When YOU are aligned with your DIVINE nature, you can manifest miracles. MAGIC does happen. I know. AND, I'm very good at mentoring those who want to experience synchronicities & serendipity...

I promise - this new online program will give you HONEST "peace" - we will do a "virtual treatment" that opens your heart & allows you to connect with the Universe in a concentrated way that, even if you're like me and have spent 15+ years at the very leadership of the health, wellbeing, spa, transformational, positive psychology, change management industries and done EVERY conceivable type of workshop open to therapists - those that are BOTH scientific in nature and esoteric in form, you will STILL be refreshingly satisfied with a technique that's going to CONNECT US ALL... in an astounding way - that helps you to FEEL FREEDOM, and raises your frequency so astonishing well - you WILL align with abundance, love & infinite possibilities!

Success Stories

Kim has such a big, vibrant, and open presence, and I love how she blends her ethereal nature with her brilliant mind. And she's powerful, and also extremely warm hearted and personal and heartfelt. Because she is so comfortable being exactly who she is, she called me in to a whole new place of self discovery. And she created a safety net for me to become more of who I really am. She encouraged me to feel more, explore possibilities, and surrender to truly loving myself.

Be – An – Angel, to me, IS Kim Serafini, aligned with her Divine nature, and I believe that MAGIC and manifesting miracles will happen for everyone who comes to the Be An Angel program every week. I believe we are all one, and I want to soak in Kim's energy and the essence and gifts of who else is attracted to Be An Angel.

One thing I know, after working with Kim now for nearly two years, is that you will be nurtured, changed, expanded and inspired in a beautiful and lovely, safe place. And, not to be forgotten, Be – An – Angel will be fun!

- Pattie Craumer
Founder of Mosaic Effect


Register Now

Do not miss this. MORE magic is waiting for us all.

How much change you can create on the planet when you are living your joyful life of total abundance!
This CAN be your life!

We can be your community, in energetic collaboration helping to make it real; and make it happen quickly, more easily & with grace!
Accept this invitation to have Kim, and all of the other beautiful souls registered now to be your partners in this journey.

Go on, walk through the door now; don't let it shut in your face.

About Me: Kim Serafini

Kim Serafini is a catalyst, assisting people in organisations to deliver both necessary and measureable improvements in business results as well as emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. A commitment to her clients becoming smarter, happier, healthier, more resourceful and more likely to rise to challenging occasions is what sets her apart. The results of her insightful and motivational keynotes or workshops, ignite teams to raise their level of performance, develop a culture that cultivates strong leaders, and shifts people’s mindsets from being victims of circumstance, to masters of change.

Leading Expert  - Kim Serafini is a leading advisor on the practical applications of neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology at work. A recognised thought leader in her field, Kim is the mindset expert in various conferences and seminars.

Empowering Speaker  - Kim Serafini turns science into simple and practical tools anyone can use, inspiring individuals, organisations and teams to be the best they can be. She has mastered the art of transferring energy to empower people.
Global Consultant  - Top organisations work with Kim to cultivate positive workplaces, emotionally intelligent leaders and high performing teams. Her programs are uniquely customised to fit the company, industry and market trends. This ensures an immediate impact to the audience and a high reutrn on investment for her clients.

Master Trainer  - Kim trains coaches, consultants, HR professionals and business leaders in emotional intelligence, positive psychology and neuroscience tools.


Kim has been interviewed and featured frequently magazines and newspapers. Here are few glimpses of the same:

Let us stop holding ourselves back.
Let us give ourselves the TIME to recharge - together!
Let’s reward ourselves.
GET READY to feel a refreshing freedom and an expansive joy that helps all of us to become congruent with our deepest desires and our most soul-known wishes.Let’s do a WILD DANCE together!
You have been waiting for this! We have been waiting for this!
You deserve this. We deserve this.
You need this. We all need this.
You have the right to say YES!
Register Now - Take this small step to your greatness; an absolutely delicious experience of life and your peace-of-mind!
This is fantastic and affordable for all… plus the time commitment is achievable.


If you look at our logo's background, you'll see a beautiful and alluring pattern. It's the Seraphinite crystal. There is much written about this crystal! It's said in rich and varied ways, that this crystal has immense capacity for healing. My experiences with it are indeed magical.

Allow me to share them with you.
Serafini = Seraph = Serefina = Seraphinite, also known as Serafina.

Being Kim Serafini, as I am it, and it is me... Serafina has been established as the 'foundation' for the Serafini Mind Spa experience and the program on offer. The promise is you'll be in the company of angels... where unconditional love is felt. We'll be dedicated to a journey WITHIN giving you a sense of your own AWE-SOME-NESS. You will feel supported, as if lifted up by angels.

This unique stone carries these vibrations:

  • Greater awareness of the Divine Feminine
  • Restoration of health and balance
  • Connects the physical with the angelic realm
  • Encourages living from the heart

ESSENTIAL NOTE - "Incubation Effect"

Kim Serafini... is very well know for "downloading this knowledge & sharing it"...  that is, teaching about the "Incubation Effect". For some, it is as powerful as the Law of Attraction and is imperative to KNOW, understand and implement into our lives.

We are Earth Angels - with infinite power when we connect with and collaborative with our Other-Than-Earth Angels... 
Working harder, by ourselves, is NOT the way... 
There is an more elegant solution for us all... 

ACTIONS taken in this moment send a vibrational message and request, all in one, (an "order or set of instructions") out into the Universe, in the moment they are taken. Then the 'creating out of nothing & from no-where' plus the arranging and reorganising of people, circumstances & resources can start to fulfil / respond / deliver on the desire that was launched through the ACTION. The NEXT action "speeds it up".

HOWEVER, the Universe can't "work on it on our behalf" UNTIL we take the action - and the actions have more WEIGHT... more value WHEN we combine our efforts with OTHER Earth Angels. The point is - IF and WHEN we take the ACTION now the "results" show up sooner! If we take the ACTIONS with others sharing our intentions then the "results" show up BRIGHTER... perhaps even, in a manner that is WAY BETTER then we could have imagined ourselves with our limitations! 

SO... Register Now... and "call into flow" this new energy for ourselves... for faster results that are more delightful for ourselves...!! 
Give the Universe more of a chance - and more time - by acting SOONER and do NOT delay or "get around to it later" or put it off for another time... IN THIS MOMENT take the action...

I want this program!
Pay in full today!

I want to make 3 easy monthly
payments of $47 each