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 Why MindPT Advocate Program?

MindPT has 4 levels of programs to assist entrepreneurs and professionals in the fields of coaching, training, positive psychology,therapy, health & wellbeing
and network marketing... to earn more income, enjoy more time freedom, and regain the joy you anticipated when you struck out on your own.

For an investment of just $497, we train you, give you the tools you need to succeed, and we will set you up and show you how to make thousands,
or even tens of thousands of dollars per year as an engaged MindPT Advocate!


Your MindPT Advocate Program Includes:

MindPT Megabundle of 30 Expert Sessions ($297)
The Mega-Bundle consists of 30 targeted Expert Sessions, or “Personal Power Sessions” created by notable experts, that address common life challenges.
Priming the Mind Research Reference Book (valued at $297)
Written by Kim Serafini, founder and CEO of MindPT, this is valuable resource and the basis for the online training. This book is available as a PDF download.
Professional Marketing Toolbox (valued at $1,997)
Various graphic and email resources you can use in promoting MindPT
Opportunity to earn massive referral income
Earn commission every time your clients or referrals purchase any MindPT product
MindPT Practitioner Certification E-Course
Get officially certified as a MindPT Advocate

Valued at over $3000...
The MindPT Advocate Program is a STEAL at just $497!

MindPT Advocate Program Testimonials

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Jackie Maffenbeier Peak Performance Strategies
I was introduced to MindPT in Febuary 2016 and I'm completely blown away! I've been using several different session depending on my needs of the day. It's a tool that has helped me personally, in my businesses and with my mental and physical health by increasing my productivity and positive outcomes in all areas! I'm so excited for you to experience the joy and benefits that MindPT offers and discover the multiple applications that you can use this simple tool throughout your life!


We'll hop on the phone or Skype with you to answer all of your questions about what the investment gets you. Advocate-only perks. Training. Support. Great products. Great community!

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