If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to work on theirs.

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The MindPT Accelerator Program is for:

    • Professionals who want to attract and retain lucrative, quality clients
      • Small businesses who want to optimize your sales team for off-the-charts performance
      • Corporate escapees who are ready to take the plunge into entrepreneurship

       Ready for something real, that delivers results?

       Many mentoring programs offer theory, but little in the way of practical applications.
      The MindPT Accelerator Program puts a laser focus on taking action while you learn; combining training in positive psychology and the basics of  neuroscience, strategy, mentoring and practical immediate action steps, this yearlong program will help you achieve massive forward progress and results in your business and personal life. You will discover the most efficient and effective ways to purposefully apply the knowledge to any role and professional environment and experience fast and lasting results.


      When the student is ready, the teacher will appear

      It’s no coincidence that you are here.
      You have a deep and urgent desire to fulfill your dreams.

      You are committed.
      You are ready to take consistent action.

      And, you are ready to start seeing results.

       A fresh, proven and practical approach!

      In this intensive six-month mentoring program, you will discover a hidden strength: the Invisible Asset, a finely-tuned, powerful, expertly trained positively primed mind that generates peak performance, the flow state, creativity, perseverance and motivation to make any goal a reality.

      The overwhelming body of recent research in neuroscience and positive psychology has proven that happiness is the catalyst for peak performance, creativity, positive growth, engagement, beneficial relationships and increased profits.

      You will be directed in taking practical immediate action on what you learn; creating and sustaining momentum and positive change,
      and experiencing measurable results, while you learn.


       Your Investment Includes:

      “Blissing Out In Bali”
      program at the Serafini Mind Spa, at a deluxe retreat on the magical island of Bali
      “Completely Transform Your Life” Program
      3 months Coaching Program
      Skype Mentoring Sessions
      6 x 30-minute one-on-one Skype Mentoring Sessions with Kim Serafini
      Monthly Webinar Masterclasses
      1x monthly Webinar Masterclasses/Q&A
      Workplace Workshops
      Acquire new competencies that drive creativity, innovation, resourcefulness, solutions-focused habits, engagement and performance
      Comprehensive Supporting Materials
      Coaching Videos, Study guides, Personalized Action Step Checklists,Weekly Personalized Mini-Lessons
      Member-only Perks
      Invitation to speak at a MindPT Live Event & host a webinar with Kim. Option to create an additional MindPT session specifically for your organization

      Valued at over $35,000!

      The MindPT Accelerator Program is a STEAL at just $9,997

      If you’re going to differentiate yourself from your competition, you have to do something different – and when you enroll in the MindPT Accelerator Program, you will get everything you need to propel you to an amazingly successful coaching practice!

      This offer is extremely limited and you will save thousands of dollars when the price increases

       Meet Kim Serafini

      Passionate and Inspiring Leadership

      Kim Serafini_011Kim Serafini is a catalyst, assisting people to implement the practical applications of neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology to their professional and personal results. As a Master Trainer and leading advisor, Kim trains coaches, consultants, HR professionals and business leaders in emotional intelligence, and the best practices of incorporating positive psychology and neuroscience tools in the workplace to increase employee engagement, productivity and therefore profitability.

      Kim is an insightful, motivational leader whose passionate commitment to the wellbeing of her clients ignites people to raise their level of performance to unprecedented levels, with outstanding results. She is a mindset expert and a sought-after speaker at conferences and seminars. Top organizations work with Kim to cultivate positive workplace cultures, emotionally intelligent leaders and high performing teams.

      Kim expertly guides clients in becoming masters of change by applying the best research findings from the science of happiness, emotional intelligence, positive leadership, sustatinable change, communications, neuroscience and positive psychology. She turns science into simple and practical applications anyone can use and inspires individuals, organizations and teams to be the best they can be.

      Kim’s programs are uniquely customized to fit the company’s goals and values, industry and market trends. This ensures an immediate impact and high return on investment for her clients.


      Investment starts at $12,000 for the core program.

      If you would like to apply, and explore additional services, please contact Kim at kim@mindpt.com