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MindPT is a Fresh New Approach to Personal Change


The solution to the challenge of personal change…
a transformational app designed for the busy on-the-go person!

  • Create a powerful shift in your thinking without any effort! MindPT does the work for you!

  • It’s fast, easy, effective and convenient. Just press play!

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 What The Experts Say About MindPT

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Travel and Tourism
Airline Inflight Entertainment Destination Visualization
Personal Development
Encourages Positive Thought Habits and Behavior
Accelerated Learning Platform Creating a Positive Learning Environment
Authors & Thought Leaders
Summarises Key Message and Content
Publishing Mindset of Elite athletes and Sports Professionals
Corporate Learning & Development
Accelerated Learning Platform plus key corporate messaging platform
Medical & Healthcare
Specific Research Based Applications
Coaches & Personal Trainers
Combined branding & service delivery training tool

MindPT is designed to give you:

  • A “Bite sized” immersion into the wisdom and expertise of people who have risen to the top in their fields
  • A powerful priming effect: prime for happiness, peak performance and success!
  • An effortless way to mentally rehearse the successful achievement of any goal
  • A simple way to accelerate learning and easily rise above your old self-defeating patterns
  • An opportunity to uplift, inspire and empower yourself anytime… anywhere!
  • A 3-minute “micro-practice” that eliminates the excuse of “I don’t have time”
  • An easy way to create positive new thought habits and embody empowering beliefs, without resistance
  • A fresh way to target your own specific goals in any MindPT session using its unique customization features


 Popular MindPT Sessions

Achieving Goals
by Kim Serafini
Discover Resources Within
by Dr Paul Scheele & Cheryl Valk
Holistic Bliss
by Vanessa Finnigan
Healing & Harmony
by Mark Romero
The Money Key
by Rev. Karen Russo
Living In The Miracle Zone
by Debra Poneman and Marci Shimoff
Everyday Alchemy
by Dr. Marcy Cole
Love On Purpose
by Orna and Matthew Walters
Broadcasting Happiness
by Michelle Gielan

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MindPT Infinity Program

Join the movement of MindPT's Infinity Program. Contributions to support our program provides sessions to benefit individuals and non-profit organizations that help Cancer patients, Shelters and Centers for addiction and recovery to displaced families, Youth Services, Veterans, Mental Health and Neurological issues.


When you make a contribution you will receive your own free MindPT session called "A Loved Life" as a thank you for helping make someone's day a little easier. We can create change in this world to make a difference when someone is on a difficult journey and needs support along the way. They receive sessions that will bring them peace of mind and you get your own special gift to enjoy too.